When you start out in business for yourself it can be a very lonely life. You don’t have the comfort of working for a company where you can work yourself up the ladder and learn from people along the way. You don’t get the help, advice and encouragement that you may get working in a corporate environment. Working for yourself can be a challenging task at times. Quite often you have to be the technician, the sales person, the book keeper, stock controller all rolled into one.

But the rewards can be fantastic.

But how do you get from the struggling one man band or small business to the point where you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Well, you can spend years trying to work it out yourself or you can be smart and learn from others who have already done it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all that knowledge beforehand to save you making the mistakes that many have made before you?

I worked as a one man band and a small business for over 20 years thinking this was my way to riches but all I ever seemed to do was work longer and longer hours and never seemed to have any spare money. So what happened? Well I started travelling on business and I regularly had to take a 4 hour flight. It gave me the opportunity I never had before to relax and read books and the books I read changed my life. I became an avid reader of self improvement books and every time I got in the car I was listening to self improvement audio cassettes.. Within a very short space of time I was a millionaire. I made more money in one year than the previous 24 years combined. What I realised was success leaves clues. They are all around but if you are not tuned in to them you will never find them. Now I want to share the secrets of my success. I made it my life’s work to continue studying the subject of wealth creation.

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